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Applied Research

The St. Luke’s applied research team is driven by curiosity, innovation, and the strength of community partnerships. We investigate specific questions or hypotheses in seeking to solve real-world issues, and add value to the lives of patients and the community. The immediate and practical application of findings distinguishes applied research from other types of research. We partner with local entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and community organizations to address patient and population health.

Our team is developing ground-breaking projects aimed at discovering new health knowledge that can be used in real-life settings to change policy, practice, behavior, and the environment. Our projects investigate topics including economic value, patient quality of life (QOL), and population health within the areas of concussion, spine, the patient experience, healthy lifestyles, and pediatrics. Through our research, we plan to contribute to the transformation of the clinical care model, the St. Luke’s business model, and the consumer healthcare experience.

For more information, or if you're interested in applied research at St. Luke’s, please contact our applied research manager at (208) 381-8934 or by email